These anatomically correct Na’vi “Avatar” baby dolls are fascinating and low-key creepy

Have you ever realized you absolutely NEED something that had previously never entered your mind, or even existed? That just happened to us, when we saw these anatomically-correct Avatar Na’vi baby dolls.

Made by Babyclon, a company that specializes in making incredibly realistic silicone dolls (like, so realistic we swear to Eywa that these are staged photos of real babies, not baby dolls), the Na’vi babies from Avatar (but not affiliated with James Cameron or the 20th Century Fox film in anything but inspiration) hit the market just a week ago.

They’ve been so well received that they seem to be sold out online, even though they’re priced at $1900 a piece.

We’re trying to remember the last thing we spend nearly $2000 on. Umm, our overseas vacation last year?

But nothing seems more worth our hard-earned cash than our very own Na’vi baby.

Now we’re trying to decide if we’d want a boy or a girl.

However, according to the Avatar Initium Wiki, male Na’vi genitalia are inside their bodies, and are protected by a layer of fat. They only make an outside appearance when aroused. Hey, the more you know.

Wethinks that Babyclon is probably anthropomorphizing the Na’vi dolls to tug on our heart-strings, so that we view these babies as worthy of our moral care and consideration. We’re totally not embarrassed to admit that it’s working.