This nature artist turns flowers into art, and it’s *so* beautiful

We spent much of our days wishing we could spend more time outside, but as it gets colder (and we remain as busy as ever!), it’s not always easy to get outside and just, like, sit amongst the flowers. That’s why we were so excited when we came across this artist who turns flowers into paintings. Because, honestly, what’s better than bringing the flowers indoors without worrying about keeping them alive? It rocks that this art would ~live forever~ on our walls, bringing nature to us! We have no idea how this nature artist turns flowers into art, but we’re definitely curious enough to find out.

 Plus, art is actually *so* good for you! From art lowering stress levels to just bringing new life into, well, our lives, art has loads of health benefits. We can only imagine that being surrounded by paintings like these would bring some seriously good vibes into our living spaces. We have nothing but love for these works of art!

Meet Bridget Beth Collins, an artist based in Ravenna, Seattle.

This nature artist turns flowers into art, and, WOW. They’re AMAZING.

This is truly *so* beautiful.

Just look at this little guy! It’s SO CUTE.

And, excuse me, is THAT WHO WE THINK IT IS?! Major fangirling happening over here.

Each work is so detailed, and so creative. We’d never think of this!

Clearly her 200k+ followers are just as amazed as we are!

If you’re totally into this art (like, HELLO), you can support the artist by buying their book!

Oh, art. We heart you so!