This Instagram star dyes her natural hair with unicorn colors — and here’s how you can, too

Instagram star @naturallytash (who also goes by Natasha B, Tash, and Tasha) calls herself the “Queen of Temp Hair Colors.” With over 84,000 followers, it’s not hard to see why. Her Instagram feed is like a blast through a multi-dimensional rainbow. Every color of the spectrum can be found in her fabulous photos. And we mean every. From raging red to electric blue, there isn’t a hue she hasn’t tried in her natural hair. 

But, wait? Isn’t constantly dyeing your hair kinda damaging? And bad for natural hair? Not for Natasha B. She’s been whipping up her own temporary hair dye. She calls them Hair Shadows. According to Allure, Natasha B combines “pure pigment powders and a cream base” to create her effervescent hair shadows. They’re perfect for natural hair but can be used by anyone who wants to avoid hair damage.

Her glorious locks drive us wild. Take a good look at these magnificent unicorn colors!

Natasha B began experimenting with temporary hair color four years ago. First, she tested out hair chalks. Then, she moved onto eye shadows. Yep, Natasha B put eye shadows in her hair, specifically Maybelline and Wet N Wild. Two years later, she made her own batches of hair shadows. The rest is history, as they say.

Natasha explains why her Hair Shadows are the perfect way to test out that crazy purple or jazzy orange you’ve been “dye-ing” to try. (Sorry, we had to.)

"Hair shadows are better than actually dyeing your hair because they're no commitment and they cause zero harm to your hair," Natasha told Allure. "They are a fun way to play with many hair colors temporarily — without any worry of damage. Also, they're a great way to test out a hair color before taking the plunge of actually dyeing your hair."

So, how can you get ahold of Natasha B’s mind-bending, unicorn-loving hair shadows? The answer is patience.

Natasha B told Allure she’ll be launching her very own hair product for purchase soon. In her estimation, the product should be available in four to six months. So, you know, hold tight! It isn’t here yet, but it’s right around the corner. And in the meantime, maybe try out her eye shadow trick!

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