This video about natural hair is going viral in a great way

For girls who don’t have sleek, Barbie-like hair, all of those hair tutorials we see all over Pinterest and the Internet are useless. Curls aren’t going to easily slide into a half-French-twisty-whatever-the-heck-that-girl-just-did. (Yes, that’s a hairstyle, I think.) And for women of color with natural hair, there are very few tutorials out for their thick, bouncy curls and waves.

That’s why we’re so happy about 1 Woman + 11 Hairstyles, a video created by BuzzFeed, which is aimed specifically for women with natural hair. The video features a model having her hair styled into 11 super simple, no-heat styles in under two minutes. The video features the work of stylist Ezmeralda Meco from Devachan Salon, and the Internet is totally loving it.

Since being posted on Friday, the video has been viewed over 660,000 times and is going totally viral, and for a great reason. We love seeing videos that are inclusive and are aimed for a diverse audience instead of just another Barbie-like hair tutorial. And every single style is SO cute.

Of course, there are a ton more styles out there, but it’s great to have a tutorial that works for when you need to run out the door in five minutes. Check out the entire video below. (According to a BuzzFeed poll, the favorite style is the side part afro — what’s yours?)

(Images via YouTube)

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