“Natural” C-sections are the new birthing trend, and here’s what that means

Even if you haven’t given birth, you’ve likely heard of the great vaginal birth versus C-section debate. Some moms swear by the virtues of one method over the other, while many don’t end up having a choice in the matter due to breached pregnancies or other medical complications. But there is now apparently something called a “gentle” or “natural” C-section, which aims to make C-sections feel more like vaginal births.

Usually when a baby is born via C-section, the mother is given local anesthesia (so she’s still alert throughout the procedure) and a curtain is strategically placed between her head and her stomach — basically so she doesn’t see the gory stuff. Her abdomen is then stitched up as the baby is cleaned up, which delays mamma and baby from actually meeting face-to-face.

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However, the “gentle” C-section has some minor alterations. The curtain is either clear or lower, allowing the mother to feel more involved with the whole process. Also, she is given more precise localized anesthesia so that she has more use of her upper body and can basically begin nursing and holding the baby right away. All in all, the process feels more like vaginal birth, which can be ideal for women who did not choose a C-section but had to undergo one for medical reasons.

Doctors told CNN.com that while this method isn’t necessarily new, it’s becoming more widely known about and requested when C-sections are needed. And we’re all for it, because we’re all for options when it comes to reproductive health!

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