This is the wine you should drink this weekend, according to your zodiac sign

National Wine Day is May 25th, which is basically Christmas for wine lovers. While fans of the grape stuff might not really need another excuse to pour themselves a glass of their favorite vino, the big day can serve as an opportunity to pop bottles with friends and maybe experiment with different varietals and vintages (and, you know, not just grab the cheapest grocery store wine on sale at Trader Joe’s).

If you’re curious about which wine could be your personal jam—the one that not only reflects you the best but also fits like a glove on your palate—then the cosmos can help you out. After all, astrology is an awesome tool that serves to uncover who we really are, including our likes and dislikes, and, yes, even our perfect wine match. So let the stars serve as your sommelier! From structured and reliable Capricorn, to brash, big-hearted Leo, to sugary-sweet Pisces, there’s a vino for every zodiac sign.

Below, find a list of the best wine varietal, according to your astrological sun sign. Cheers to the weekend…and to the next #WineWednesday.


Aries are known as the leaders of the zodiac, thanks to their bold and aggressive nature and optimistic attitude.

Your wine: Amarone, an assertive, legendary red wine that is known for its powerful and vibrant flavor.


Taurus is known for being reliable and stable, and, yes, playing it safe. However, the Bull is also known for having a refined palate (and a sweet tooth).

Your wine: Chardonnay, a rich, full-bodied white wine that is both luxurious and a safe bet for most pairings. And it often has notes of butterscotch or vanilla.


Geminis are famous for being light-hearted on one hand, and deeply intellectual on the other.

Your wine: Pinot noir is a light-bodied red wine that is fruity and smooth yet has a dry finish, which makes it not too sweet but not too dry either.


Those born under Cancer are emotional, nurturing homebodies who prefers to dine with family and friends.

Your wine: Viognier, a complex white wine that can be intense (“apricots and steel” are the variety’s classic flavor associations) but also has home-y hints of honeysuckle and vanilla.


Leos are effervescent and like to live life to the fullest. While they might be bubbly, they are willing to lead the crowd.

Your wine: Champagne is the go-to for celebrations (which Leos love) and an experience for all the senses. Swap for a nice cava sparkling wine or prosecco if proper champagne isn’t in the cards.


Virgos are practical, analytical people with generous hearts. They love order, but they’re also famous for their elegant style.

Your wine: Rosé is a refined and structured wine that is sweet yet elegant and adored by many loyal fans.


Libras are agreeable people who love to socialize and are famous for their sweet and even-keeled disposition.

Your wine: Merlot is an easy, soft wine that is known for its chameleon-like qualities and pairs beautifully with many foods.


Scorpios are deep and moody people with a penchant for the dark but who are also intensely passionate with a sexy sex life.

Your wine: Syrah is a bold, dark wine that is both savory and sweet with some spicy notes.


Sags are the globe-trotters—and straight-shooters—of the zodiac with a contagious zest for life and adventure.

Your wine: Pinot grigio is a lean white wine that is loved universally. It’s citrusy, spritzy, and can be crisp and acidic.


Caps are known for their ambitious nature and discipline, and can always be relied upon to come through. They’re sophisticated and love the plush life.

Your wine: Cabernet sauvignon is a robust red wine with a solid structure and a persistent finish. It’s a luxe wine that pairs well with many different foods, which explains why it’s so popular.


Those born under Aquarius are unique rebels who have hearts of gold beneath an aloof exterior.

Your wine: Gewurztraminer is known for its unusual bouquet. It’s an off-dry white wine that tastes sweet yet crisp.


Pisces are sympathetic and sensitive people who are loved for their sweet nature, their many feelings, and their willingness to go with the flow.

Your wine: Dessert wines, like sherry and port, are known to sweeten the meal either before or after. They can be complicated to navigate, but once you find one you like, you’ll never stray.

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