Slacking on your New Year’s resolutions already? Use National Vision Board Day to refocus

We’re barely two weeks into January. Do your New Year’s resolutions already feel like they’re on the way out, definitively unresolved? Don’t give up just yet! There’s still time to make all your wildest dreams come true in 2018. You’ll just need to get a little creative. That’s why we’re #grateful the universe has blessed us with National Vision Board Day, observed every year on the second Saturday in January. What better day than today to start the life you’ve always wanted?

Picture it: an entire day created to help you focus on your feelings, set intentions, and visualize (and, ultimately, realize) your innermost desires. As if by magic, National Vision Board Day manifested in 2015, providing the perfect day to put your list of healthy New Year’s resolutions to work. It just so happens Capricorn season is here to help you build a foundation for 2018, too. Coincidence? We think not.

But what, exactly, does a vision board look like? Sometimes called mood boards, vision boards collage images, words, and affirmations to help you clarify, concentrate, and maintain focus on a specific life goal. The idea is to visualize creatively whatever you want to be, do, or have in your life.

By creating a vision board, you’ve made your dreams “real” for you, and now your subconscious mind will be driven to act on them.

Don’t believe us? Maybe this will change your mind:

Everyone from Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn and millionaire funny man Jim Carrey to future President Oprah (we can dream!) swears by the power of creative visualization.

To create your own vision board, you’ll need a piece of cardboard or poster board, scissors, and glue. Don’t forget to add images that inspire you, too, such as photos and quotes cut from old magazines. You can also print some off the internet (we won’t tell). Add stickers and colorful pins, and use pretty gel pens to write out your intentions.

Keep the good vibes going and invite your friends over for a vision board party.

Many, including National Vision Board Day creators Ryan Daly and Kellan Lutz — yep, that Kellan Lutz, otherwise known as Emmett Cullen from the Twilight franchise — believe the power of manifestation grows stronger in groups. Imagine that!

Here’s to a happy, healthy, and creative 2018! What’s YOUR dream?