In honor of National Twins Day, these 16 sets of identical twins took a pic together in Twinsburg, Ohio

Happy National Twins Day! In honor of this day that celebrates identical and fraternal twins alike, Twinsburg, Ohio is throwing its annual Twins Festival. As if all of that wasn’t awesome enough, model Grace Langshaw (one half of the Langshaw Twin Models) just posted a picture of herself, her identical twin sister, and FIFTEEN other pairs of identicals that pilgrimaged to Twinsburg to celebrate this most holy of twin days.

All these adult twins in identical outfits are KILLING us with their cuteness. We’re also dying over the “Copy/Paste” twins in the bottom right. Real talk, every set of identical twins needs those shirts, it’s too funny/true. We love Grace Lanshaw referring to the other twins in the pic as her “twin friends” because it just warms our heart in the sweetest/best way to think of identical twins being friends with other identical twins.

This isn’t the only awesome shot caught on Insta of this most wonderful celebration of twindom. Check out our other fave shots from the fest below.


The whole nature vs. nurture thing is now solved. Thanks to twins.

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Images via Walt Disney Pictures