It’s National Plant a Flower Day! Here’s how to celebrate no matter where you live

You thought it was just an ordinary, boring Thursday but YOU WERE WRONG, it’s National Plant a Flower Day! We’re in FULL support of a day to remind us that flowers are the straight-up prettiest. There’s a reason “stop and smell the roses” is an expression people use all the time, we really DO need to literally hang out with some flowers for a minute to remind us that nature is beautiful and life is awesome.

“But how am I going to celebrate National Plant a Flower Day?” I know someone is dying to ask me. “I’m not a Frances Hodgson Burnett character, I don’t have a secret garden randomly growing on my ginormous English countryside estate because I don’t HAVE a ginormous English countryside estate.” Soldarity, sister, neither do I. Never fear, we can still celebrate National Plant a Flower Day together. Here are some ways to honor the flowers, even if you live in a fifth-floor walk-up.

Go to the nursery and get a box of flowers for your window sill

Or your front porch. Or your rooftop. Or, like, anywhere your pretties can get some direct sunlight.

Steal a friend’s backyard

We all have those friends who are NOT making the most of their gorg apartments. If you’re surrounded by concrete while your bestie has a whole bunch of dirt in her backyard, strike her a deal: you’ll plant the flowers, she can water them, you can both arrange them in your vases, everyone wins.

Work in your community garden

So many communities have gardens now, and this is just the loveliest of utopian ideas. Get some seeds or seedlings, get on over, and start a planting!

Plant flowers guerrilla-style

That depressing lot you always pass on your way to work? That blah patch of dirt you walk by when you take your dog out? There could be PRETTY FLOWERS in these sad, lame places. Get to it, girl!

Make a pot of flowers your new houseplant

There are many parts of the country where it is WAY WAY WAY too cold right now for a fragile little flower to live outside, so give a pot of flowers a home on your coffee table, and when the weather gets a little warmer, you can plant those suckers anywhere you please. In the meantime, enjoy that little bit of springtime that will make the cold, dark, grey winter (almost) bearable.

Image via Shutterstock.