We’re celebrating National Pancake Day with this mermaid (and a syrupy short stack)

It’s National Pancake Day!!! (Sorry, we got a little too excited. *takes deep breath*)

Ancient Greeks liked to call these treats τηγανίτης, and that looks a lot like some undersea mermaid language, right? Though they may be simply described as a circular bread made in a pan, pancakes can be made into much more with the help of the Greek language, seasonal fruits, fresh syrups, and a dollop of light-as-a-feather whipped cream.

Interestingly enough, there are several pancake celebration days during the year.

(Because they deserve more than one, right?) And we certainly hope you celebrate National Pancake Day today — and maybe every day?


Personally, for me, National Pancake Day is a big deal. Specifically, because it’s on my birthday (omg PERFECT), and secondly, because it reminds me of every Sunday of my childhood, which consisted of my dad getting up early and waking us up to the best smell ever: pancakes, ham, honey, and bacon. Now, these days, every time I feel a little down, the smell of pancakes is always there to remind me of the good things in life.

We hope you celebrate this day by eating your favorite pancakes (or perhaps by trying a new recipe). If you want to get creative, here are a few ideas you can try. Hope you swim by next week!