It’s National Margarita Day, so here are the best celebratory memes to cheers to

If you thought today was just a regular old Thursday, well, guess what? We’re delighted to inform you that you thought wrong. Sure, it’s the tail end of the third week of what has felt like the longest February of all time, but we bet you didn’t know that today is National Margarita Day. Yes, it’s true, we’re giving you permission to drink margaritas all damn day if you want…just maybe wait until you get home from work, though. Your boss may not approve of a desk marg.

Look, any day that encourages us drink our favorite happy hour beverage is a day that we fully support celebrating, so please enjoy the best margarita-inspired memes that the internet has to offer. We have no idea why February 22nd was chosen as the day to celebrate everyone’s favorite classic tequila-based cocktail, but we’re going to do our due diligence and enjoy it accordingly.

In honor of this most revered occasion, we present to you the best tequila-drenched memes on the internet right now. Grab the salt, we’ll grab the shakers, and we’ll meet you at the bar. Chips and guac are optional, but honestly, what’s a marg without guac anyway?

Just remember to drink responsibly on this day and every day…now without further ado, bottoms up!

1Asking for a friend.

It’s never too early for tequila…just make it a sunrise!

2The cutest drinking partner ever.

OK but seriously, we have to say it: Never actually give your dog any alcohol.

3Even Whiskers is ready to paaaaarty.

Over here in Margaritaville…

4Did HR sign off on this?


5Facts are facts.


I mean, that’s why humans were given two hands, right?

6Ugh, winter feels.

The struggle is real.

7Unless you live in Florida.

Wow, thanks for bragging, guys.

8The iPhone’s newest feature.

Ugh, we wish!

9Does our marg love us as much as we love it?


Or is it an unrequited love?

10Who wouldn’t want to sip on margs with Oprah?

Sounds like a literal dream.