National Honesty Day

Honesty can be a tricky little bugger.  In most situations, I’ve found that honesty is synonymous with bravery, because telling someone the truth can create a very frightening unknown.  What will they think of me?  Will I get in trouble?  Will this change our relationship?  While there will always be situations in which lies or fibs are needed to protect others, I feel it is imperative to always be honest with yourself.

My only regrets in life are centered around moments in which I was not my true self.  I faked an interest to match someone else’s or I hid one of my own due to embarrassment or fear of not seeming “cool” enough. Because these moments are far enough behind me, I can see how ridiculous and unnecessary they were.  Did I really need to tell that guy in high school that I thought Scary Movie was hilarious and that his Cartman impression was amazing even though I found both of them equally lame?  I’m pretty sure I also told him I loved Korn even though the music and the members of the band terrified me.

My parents are awesome folks and always encouraged me to pursue my interests no matter what anyone else thought.  Unfortunately, the time in your life when your parents’ advice is most valuable, actually taking it seems about as cool as curfews and chess club .  So it was wasted on me.  Sorry guys!  I get it now.  Fitting into someone else’s idea of “cool” doesn’t get you anywhere.  Ever wonder how Tina Fey, Adele and Zooey Deschanel achieved their level of success?  It certainly wasn’t because they blended in.  All trends are started by one brave individual who dared to be different.

So in honor of National Honesty Day, I encourage you to be you.  I encourage you to break free of the constant hum of other people’s opinions.  Be happy, be free and be you Just because I saw that on the inside of a candy wrapper, doesn’t make it any less true.

Caution: Liz Lemon-style truth bombs being dropped below.  Liz Lemon-style meaning unflinchingly honest with a side of awkward.

1.)  My first celebrity crush was Cameron from Ferris Bueller.  I was two years old, and whenever he popped on the screen in that hockey jersey and suspenders, I blushed and covered my eyes.

2.) The presents and constant praise made being an only child pretty rad.  However, I did get lonely once in awhile.  To remedy this, I created an imaginary older brother named Jared.  He had long brown hair and loved rollerblading.  Jared was the cool older brother that drove me to school and protected me from bullies.  Jared was my little secret until at a parent-teacher meeting, my teacher showed my parents a family portrait I had made that had the four of us standing hand in hand.  When my teacher asked, “So how old is your son, Jared?”  I’ll bet my parents contemplated running straight out of the classroom but settled on just being pleased that I was a good speller.  D-E-T-R-I-M-E-N-T-A-L, boom.

3.)  When I was 11, I faked a sprained ankle to get out of going to summer camp so I could stay home and watch recorded episodes of Seinfeld on VHS tapes.

4.) I once challenged a guy to a pizza eating contest on a first date because I thought he’d be impressed.  Yes, I won the contest but nope, no second date.

By the way, I’m Chrissa. Pleased to meet you.

Feel free to drop your own truth bombs in the spirit of this freeing holiday in the comment section below.

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