Gorgeous pictures of french toast because, yup, it’s National French Toast Day

Hi, my name is Jill, and I love french toast. I love the smell, I love the taste, I love the way the bread ever so gently soaks up butter and syrup to create the most perfectly moist bite of heaven. I love it so much that for my wedding, instead of a traditional cake, I chose french toast cupcakes. Seriously. Each cupcake was even topped with a slab of butter.

But today isn’t about me. It’s about french toast. That’s right — today is National French Toast Day! It’s a day dedicated to celebrating one of the world’s most favorite breakfast foods.

To honor the day, here are some photos of the yummiest (albeit not the healthiest), most fantastic french toast we could find. You’re welcome.

Eating s’mores for breakfast is totally reasonable when the s’mores are melted into french toast.

French toast with ham, honey mustard, and cheddar cheese. Yes, please.  

The only thing that could possibly make peanut butter and Nutella taste even better together is french toast.

Hot chocolate, you guys. Hot chocolate.

Look, there are raspberries on top, which totally makes it healthy.  

Just in time for the holidays. And for life in general.

Give. To. Me. Now.  

Hollandaise? More like hollandYAYse. Sorry.

Part of a complete breakfast.  

And that completes our french toast roundup. If you made it this far, chances are you love french toast as much as I do. Maybe we should start a support group.

(Featured image via Twitter)