In honor of National Fluffernutter Day, the most beautiful Fluffernutters we’ve ever seen

Ditch your turkey sandwiches, guys. There’s a much more important sandwich to be enjoyed today, because it is National Flutternutter Day.

OK, if you have no idea what we’re talking about, you are missing out on a major childhood (and, LBH, adult) delicacy. It’s essentially light whipped marshmallow topping, and when it’s paired with peanut butter on a sandwich, it is heaven. Actual, real, edible heaven. And although it originated from New England, it’s since become incredibly popular all over the country — so much so that there’s been a song created about the white stuff.

Of course, although a Fluffernutter is lovely with just fluff and peanut butter on white bread, there are a million wonderful ways to enjoy a Fluffernutter, and thousands have been taking to social media to share their celebratory meal in honor of this special day. Here are a few wonderfully gorgeous Fluffernutters of all shapes and sizes for your eyeballs (and, should you take on the challenge, tastebuds).

Enjoy yours with a lovely side of berries:

For extra deliciousness, you can toast your Fluffernutter to make the peanut butter and fluff all oozy and gorgeous:

Yeah, there’s bacon in this one. Yeah, we’re drooling.


Is this a Fluffernutter donut? Or is it art?

Someone decided to use a BAGEL and then put SPRINKLES on it in an obscenely delicious stroke of brilliance:

Just keep an eye on your dog, because s/he is gonna want that sucker just as much as you do. (Or you could share, if you dare.)

Happy Fluffernutter Day, folks — and happy eating!

(Images via YouTube.)


Ode to peanut butter, world’s most perfect food

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