10 of the best National Drink Wine Day memes, because there’s always room for vino

Happy National Drink Wine Day! It’s one of the happiest holidays of the year. Here at HelloGiggles, we kinda love wine. (Like, enough to start our own wine club.) Truthfully, we think National Drink Wine Day should happen every Sunday with brunch, but that’s just us. Regardless of how you celebrate, all wine lovers are welcome here.

You don’t have to observe National Drink Wine Day with anything fancy. Even a $10 bottle — or, dare we say, some canned wine — will do. Honestly, we don’t even plan on going outside. Just relax, sip back, and let yourself wine down after a long day. (See what we did there?) You could even multitask by drinking wine in the shower, if that’s your thing.

While we all imbibe together, let us enjoy a few of our favorite National Drink Wine Day memes to spread a little vino cheer to people everywhere.

We hand-curated this list of National Drink Wine Day memes just for you, along with our pairing suggestions. Grab a glass and a bottle opener, and dive in!

1Cats and wine are total perfection. This pairs well with a nice pinot grigio — it’s tangy yet sweet, just like your cat’s personality.

2TBH, this is the only forecast you can *actually* rely on. Just like the perfect cabernet sauvignon.

3If you’re looking for a nice everyday wine to pair with this meme, you can’t go wrong with chardonnay.

4Ariel’s got the right idea. Introverting pairs perfectly with merlot.

5There’s no shame in morning wine, especially when it’s prosecco mixed with orange juice.

6Singing Adele into a bottle of pinot noir is 100% acceptable.

7Friendship and rosé is like the ultimate wine pairing.

8If you’re just having one, expand your horizons and try sipping something exotic, like a Spanish albariño.


9We know magic exists simply because wine exists. And Jesus would want you to pop open that shiraz.


10Red? White? Why not both? Pair this meme with sauvignon blanc and go from there.

Anything with “wine” in the name is already one of the best holidays of all time, so be sure to tag us in your Instagram posts while you celebrate. And if you’re running out of wine, have no fear! You can join our Sips ‘N Giggles Wine Club and get some vino delivered directly to your house. Skip the store (and the pants), and remember to always drink responsibly. You know we love you!