7 easy donut recipes that don’t require a fryer

Some mornings you just need a donut.

And while you could head over to the nearest Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts to satisfy your donut urge, you could also make your own donuts at home.

Not only are DIY donuts healthier for you, they’re also damn delicious. They’re easy to make as well and don’t necessarily require a fryer! So give these fall-inspired donut recipes a try the next time a glazed or chocolate treat is calling to you.

Maple bacon donuts

When you can’t decide between savory or sweet, combine both with this maple bacon donut recipe from Broma Bakery. The crispy smoked bacon is inside the fluffy maple donut dough and on the outside of the doughnut as a topper.

Caramel apple donuts

This recipe from A Spark of Creativity has all of the flavors of your favorite childhood carnival treat, minus the stick.

Spice donuts

Cinnamon and nutmeg with a brown butter glaze? Your mouth will be saying, “Yes, please” once you bite into this donut recipe from Tutti Dolci.

Buttermilk pumpkin donuts

The hot cocoa glaze with extra chocolate topping is what makes these buttermilk pumpkin donuts from Half Baked Harvest so epic.

Coffee cake donuts

Super moist and crumbly with a sweet vanilla glaze, you’ll find it hard to eat just one of these coffee cake donuts from Baker by Nature.

Cinnamon and sugar donuts

The only thing better than a cinnamon roll are these delish cinnamon and sugar donuts from A Happy Food Dance.

Baked carrot cake donuts

If you’re a fan of carrot cake, you’ll love this recipe from Live Well Bake Often for a baked donut version made with real shredded carrots and a cream cheese frosting.