Who are you cuddling like crazy this week?

January 6th was National Cuddle Day and we know that just like us humans, mermaids also love a good cuddle.

Cuddling can make us happier humans according to neuroscientist Paul Zak, who explained to Vice,

"Cuddling induces the brain to produce a chemical called oxytocin. This relaxes us, makes us feel safe around others, and increases our empathic abilities."

For this reason and more, we are encouraging you to reach out today and cuddle like crazy.


The thing is, cuddling always seems to be related to romance, but you don’t need to be romantically linked to anyone to feel the power of a nice cuddle. You can snuggle up to your puppy, cat, pillow, sibling, friend, or even a tasty pizza.

We hope you make the most of this day and cuddle away! And also hope you swim by next week with more oxytocin than usual.