It’s National Croissant Day! Here’s how we’re celebrating

It’s National Croissant Day, y’all! I don’t need an excuse to eat them, but I admit I did need an excuse to make them. They are a complex pastry that involves making dough then wrapping it around a gigantic butter pat and folding it multiple times. That’s how you create so many layers. It takes all day as you have to let the dough chill in between folding it. In case you are wondering what one and a half cups of butter being wrapped in dough looks like, here ya go:


Much like macarons, croissants intimidated me. I was worried the whole operation would be difficult, but the mechanics of it are actually pretty simple. You just have to start early in the day if you want croissants by dinnertime. I ended up with finished croissants around 2am, but then I am a vampire who feeds on butter instead of blood.

As much butter as I consume, let us be real: I am only going to eat 3-4 of the 12 croissants the recipe makes right away. So there will be leftovers, which get stale quickly. Is this the modern lady’s biggest issue? Maybe not, but I am willing to bet a decent percentage of the Hello Giggles readership might also be single females with this sort of problem.

I mean, if you are like “Hey Ellen I am the average Hello Giggles reader and I have 12 peeps that will eat up my croissants immediately!” then my bad, and you are awesome. I mean, you are awesome anyway but I digress. I found some ways to maximize your croissant potential. Here is what to do with all the leftover croissants:

1) Freeze them! They reheat nicely. Just make sure they are wrapped and in an airtight baggie before popping them in the freezer. They might need a bit of a toasting in the oven to reheat. Cook’s Illustrated recommends 5-10 minutes at 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

2) Croissant French Toast! This is pretty dang decadent. Whisk an egg, about 3/4 cup of milk, a pinch of salt, a splash of vanilla and a dash of cinnamon. Cut the croissants in half lengthwise like you are slicing to make a sandwich. Heat a frying pan with a pat of butter. Dunk the croissant halves in the milk mixture then fry em’ up. Delish. Especially (gasp!) yet more butter and maple syrup.

3) Bread pudding with croissants is RIDICULOUS. I mean. Come on. I like making both sweet and savory bread puddings. You know what another word for savory bread pudding is? Stuffing. Or dressing, if you prefer. Cube the croissants and give them a quick toasting in the oven.  Sauté some onion and celery, add to cubed croissants along with some vegetable stock, sage, thyme and an egg. Taste and see if you want more herbs or some salt and pepper. Then and bake it up. Around 350 degrees for 30-45 minutes. It’s a croissant-Thanksgiving in January!

4) All I can say is a certain fast-food chain had the good idea to put breakfast treats on more than just biscuits and English muffins. Ergo, the croissant breakfast sandwich. With scrambled eggs and cheese on a croissant, you cannot go wrong. I don’t eat meat so I’d leave off the sausage but hey, you do you.

5) Spread with this mushroom paté. I did.

And lastly, here is the rather lengthy but worthy recipe for croissants. Have fun! Have a croissant.

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