It’s World Chocolate Day! Here are some bonkers things made from chocolate

It appears as if every single food has a day dedicated to it, but that is completely fine by us—especially when it’s World Chocolate Day. Yup, that’s what today is.

We celebrate chocolate today, July 7th, because according to chocolate legend this is the day chocolate was first introduced into Europe, some four hundred years ago. But seriously, you don’t need to give us any sort of historical context to get us to eat an extra Hershey’s bar (or six) today.

Instead of just looking at beautiful pictures of chocolate chips and kisses today, let’s dig a little bit deeper, and gaze at some beautiful chocolate creations. They might look too good to eat, but tempt us enough and we are diving right into all of these.

A chocolate Benedict Cumberbatch

When the world gives you a giant chocolate Benedict Cumberbatch, you hold onto that thing and never let it go.

A life-sized sculpture of the face of Chanel  

This one time, Karl Lagerfeld had a chocolate sculpture commissioned of Baptiste Giabiconi, who is a prominent male model for Chanel, along with Fendi and Lagerfeld’s own fashion line, too. Also, it’s not just Giabiconi made out of chocolate. The entire room is chocolate, too.

AC Slater made out of chocolate

Uhhh, sure. Dove chocolate made this sculpture for Mario Lopez, and in case you can’t tell, it’s a mint-chocolate swirl. Lopez’s hair is actually made out of mint chocolate, and so are his eyebrows.

A working chocolate carousel

Every year, Disney World hotels install gingerbread houses for Christmas time. But why be a gingerbread house when you can be a chocolate carousel? Breaking that tradition, one hotel (The Beach Club) instead creates a real, working, rotating, musical carousel. I just wouldn’t suggest going for a spin on it.

A chocolate sofa

Probably not the best idea to take a nap on this. I keep thinking, like, what happens if it starts melting and you’re lounging on it, do you stand up covered in chocolate? That wouldn’t be the worst thing ever.

A chocolate Porsche

OK, so this entire car isn’t made out of chocolate (only in our dreams). Instead, a car dealership in The Netherlands decided to boost auto sales, and chocolate, and had one of their Porsches in the showroom entirely covered in 175 kilograms of chocolate. Good idea or BEST idea?

(Images via Twitter, Magnum Corp, YouTube, YouTube, Galaxy Chocolate, and Ferrari.)


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