It’s National Chocolate Chip Day, so here are 11 desserts that will make your mouth water

Today is National Chocolate Chip Day. Because some holidays are truly worth celebrating, here are 11 pictures of chocolate chip desserts that will absolutely make your mouth water.

These picture perfect, classic cookies

Or these, with nuts.

These delicious doughs of chocolatey, chippy goodness.

This chocolate chip cookie, ice cream, powdered sugar pile of happiness.

This cookie with eerily perfect circular chips.

These cookies that just LOOK gooey and warm and like they want to be in your belly.

This mountain of ice cream that looks like cookie dough and OMG NEED.

This triple decker stack of yum.

This giant cookie that appears to be made out of smaller cookies.

This slice of chocolate chip cake that’s essentially a cookie-flavored cloud.

These sandwiches made of cookies and Nutella and love.