OMG: Your fave beauty brand is giving away free kitten pins for National Cat Day

While many people are excitedly preparing costumes for Halloween on Tuesday, the weekend has its own special day! Sunday October 29th marks National Cat Day, and we would be remiss to not give you the scoop on a super cute way to celebrate. While there are many ways to honor the feline overlords — new snacks, toys, and of course a boost in social media presence, sometimes the best way to celebrate National Cat Day is by treating yourself. After all, you’re the one who feeds them.

In keeping with the treat yourself motto, the beauty brand Winky Lux is offering shoppers a free kitten enamel pin (worth $12) with the purchase of their brand new Kitten Eyeshadow Palette ($25). This seems like the perfect way to celebrate our love of cats while scoring a great deal.

The Kitten Palette includes nine vegan and cruelty-free high pigment eyeshadow colors in four finishes: matte, satin, holographic and glitter.

It’s almost as beautiful as the cats in our life, and certainly more friendly looking. The names somehow make the palette even better: Purr, Duchess, Strut, Holographic, 9 Lives, Cateye, Romeo, Cheshire and Boots.


While Winky Lux has cute pins all the time, its free kitty pin will ONLY be available for free on Sunday, in fact, we have yet to behold its beauty.

But we have complete faith given the quality of the millennial pink art on the Kitten Palette, and the brand’s other cute pins.


Whether you cash in on this deal or not, we hope you have a lovely National Cat Day!