Happy National Boston Cream Pie Day, you know we’re celebrating

Today is National Boston Cream Pie Day, so naturally we’re getting this BCP party started. Mainly because we celebrate any holiday with “pie” in the title, but also because Boston cream pies are delicious. And as it turns out, Boston cream pie isn’t even a pie at all — it’s a cake! Truth.

Here’s the low down on Boston cream pie (we’d make a pie chart, but it’s Friday, and pie charts are for Mondays). Boston cream pie was invented in 1856 by Sanzian, a French chef who worked at the Parker House Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts. The original pie/cake he created was called the “Parker House Chocolate Cream Pie,” and it consisted of two layers of French butter sponge cake filled with crème pâtissière (AKA custard) and topped with a rum syrup. Drool. But that’s not the Boston creme pie as we know it today.

Now, 159 years later, the dessert consists of two layers of sponge cake with a thick vanilla or chocolate custard filling. There are two typical toppings options: chocolate glaze frosting or a simple confectionary sugar. We aren’t mad about either of those toppings. If we could feed you BCP right now we would, but we’ll do the next best thing and feed your eyes with images of amazing cream concoctions courtesy of Instagram’s bakery geniuses.

Oh just a BCP donut. Drool. (PS if you live near this bakery these badboys are free today)

Hello cakey friend.

Here’s the vegan version, which looks no less delish.

This mini-version looks like it’s smiling at us.

Here’s a work of art.

 BCP cupcakes? That’s brilliant.

A BCP donut that’s just begging to be devoured.

Let’s get one last close-up shot. There we go.

On December 12, 1996, Boston cream pie was named as the official dessert of Massachusetts. According to Punchbowl, the dessert beat out both Indian Pudding and Toll House cookies as the state’s official dessert. If you’re a dessert fanatic like us, you may be pretty excited to know that Boston creme pie now also comes in doughnut, coffee, cookie, yogurt, and ice cream flavor.

Yep — we’re super happy about it too.

Happy National Boston Creme Pie Day everyone!

(Image via Shutterstock)