It’s National Banana Bread Day, so let’s lose our minds over these 5 banana bread recipes

For obvious reasons, we LOVE food-related holidays. Today happens to be National Banana Bread Day, and we’re celebrating the awesomeness of such a delicious invention. So we thought it was only appropriate to drop some handy recipes from the glorious internet.

Banana bread is actually pretty simple and quick to make, and all these recipes are easy to follow.

Whether you’re looking to surprise and impress your significant other, or your roommate, or your cat, or just yourself  — this is literally the perfect day to let your banana-lovin’ inner-baker go wild.

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1Let’s start with a really solid classic.

Oh man, our mouths are watering already. Be sure to bookmark that recipe, because it might just be the go-to when you’re looking to whip up a quick snack.

2Feel like something with chocolate and nuts? (Answer: ALWAYS)

That one comes from Beth Le Manach, who is a seasoned pro. Her YouTube channel is worth a good, long look.

3Okay, looking for a cake that’s perfectly moist? Divas Can Cook have just the thing.

The addition of cinnamon really ties it all together. YUM.

4A vegan option you say? We’ve got you covered.

Damn! It looks just as fluffy and delicious as the non-vegan options.

5Let’s top it all off with Blueberry Banana Bread. Because why the heck not?!

Definitely check out Laura Vitale’s other videos on her Laura in the Kitchen YouTube channel!

HAPPY THURSDAY. Enjoy your bread!

via giphyEeek. We were hungry before, but now…