Nathan Fillion is taking on Russia and we can’t keep a straight face

Actor Nathan Fillion has been cracking us up since his role on the TV show Castle — and we couldn’t be more excited for him to keep us laughing in his new role on Modern Family as a weatherman named — wait for it — Rainer Shine.

But lately, his Instagram is where the jokes are at. Nathan is currently in Moscow attending Russia Comic Con 2016, and following along has been a feast of comedic delights. See for yourself:

Nate managed to stumble upon a cottage-sized portrait of some ducks in flight, and snapped a photo with the following caption:

"Moscow is amazing. Only thing it's missing is a giant duck painting. Oh well."

I mean, that is one big duck painting.

But of course, one joke is not enough for Nathan Fillion. He’s also spending his important time in one of the world’s most famous cities looking for…imaginary monsters?

Here, Nathan stands in front of the famous Kremlin fortress. But instead of being overwhelmed by its beauty, he can only notice what’s missing:

"I keep hearing about gremlins in Russia. Been here all day and haven't seen one gremlin."

So funny! Oh Nathan, we’ll laugh at your dad jokes any day.

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