Nathan Fillion handled news of “Castle” being canceled with his trademark sly wit

Fans of ABC’s long-running series Castle were surprised this week when the network has decided to cancel the show. While it’s not unheard of that shows canceled by one network can sometimes continue on another (think: The Mindy Project), it’s looking like that may not be the case for this particular show. The show’s star, Nathan Fillion (you know, the Richard Castle himself) had the perfect response to the shocking news.

He took to his Twitter for a series of entertaining tweets that embody both his famous sense of humor and the genuine graciousness that make him so enjoyable to watch. First, he tweeted some good-natured gratitude. false

Then, he followed up the gratitude (with perfect comedic timing) by casually mentioning that he’s got more availability in his schedule now, if anyone might want to hire him. false

And, following the rule of 3’s in comedy, he finishes up this delightful series of tweets with one directly aimed at fans of Castle. false

It’s a splendid reminder that he is, after all, an actor who has been playing a role. And even though he’s been nailing that role for all these years, he is able (and now has the time) to take on totally different personas. And we have no doubt that he’ll absolutely nail whatever future opportunities he has with the same charm and talent that have made him such a delight to watch over these past eight years on Castle.

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