All the reasons why Nate Archibald was actually the best catch on “Gossip Girl”

There were SO many hot guys on Gossip Girl over the years. The entire series was made up of pretty people, but one really stands out from high school drama show. Even though Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf were the cutest couple on Gossip Girl (they were, don’t try and deny it), Nate Archibald was definitely the best catch of the whole series.

Seriously, Nate wasn’t just the pretty boy of the Upper East Side; he was so much more than that. He was kindhearted in a world that was pretty cruel and he always, always, always was ready to love. He was just so darn dreamy. Trust me, Nate was number one when it came to GG catches and I’ve got the proof to back it up.


Loyalty. His friendship with Chuck was proof that he was loyal and strong. Sure their friendship was complicated, but he was loyal to everyone in his life. Seriously, he was probably the most loyal of the Gossip Girl crew, which says a LOT.

Always looking for love. A guy who wanted to find love, what’s not to like about that? He was ready to find love even if he looked in the wrong places aka that Serena van der Woodsen obsession.


He was a true friend. Nate was not only there for Chuck throughout the show, but he also had Serena’s back and was even there for Blair after they broke up. Friendship mattered to him and being a good friend is what you need in a soulmate.

A sense of humor. Seriously, this guy was hilarious. He told funny jokes and wasn’t afraid to call anyone and everyone out for their outrageous remarks. That’s a real winner in my book.


He wanted to be more than just his name. Nate was wealthy sure, but he wanted to be more than just a rich kid who had a famous family. He strived for his own version of greatness, which was very impressive and endearing.

Prince Charming of the Upper East Side. If the cast were Disney characters then Nate would easily be Prince Charming. He could make anything sound amazing and charming.

Those eyes. Come on, he was SO freaking hot. One look at those eyes and anyone would melt.


He was always ready to have fun. He was the one guy who was up for anything. Chuck was up for drinking and being wild and Dan Humphrey was up for learning, but Nate was ready for fun in both good and bad ways.

Worked hard, partied harder. He somehow balanced all the craziness (most of the time) and was the life of the party, but only after he’d worked hard in either school or life in general.

Kiss and tell. If there was one thing Nate was good at, it was kissing. Even if he was smooching with Jenny Humphrey (ugh) he was still a seriously on-point kisser. Kissing Nate (aka Chace Crawford)? Sign me up!


Carved his own path. Yes, this goes along with his desire to be more than his name, but it was more than that. Nate got out of the negative shadow of his father, “The Captain,” who was addicted to drugs and was shady AF in the business world. Proving he wasn’t going to be another drugged out rich guy made him way more attractive in my eyes. Plus, he stood up to his father and mother, which made him cooler and a true leader.

Wanted more from those he loved. Nate always pushed the people around him to do better and be better. He never settled and therefore didn’t want his friends to settle either.


A true gentleman. He was so proper and raised so well, despite his parents’ faults. Unlike a lot of the jerk characters on the series, Nate was a serious gentleman who cared about other people and how they should be treated. Basically he was perfect boyfriend material.

Sexy smile. I just had to mention his looks one more time. Yes, Chuck was hot in a bad guy way (and in the way he loved Blair) and Dan was nerdy hot, but Nate, oh Nate was SO good looking. His smile is so swoon worthy.


Nate, you dreamboat you, I love you so. XOXO Gossip Girl.

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