Oh happy day! Natalie Portman is going to play Ruth Bader Ginsburg!

Our weekend is basically MADE because we just found out that one of our fave actresses Natalie Portman is set to play our beloved Supreme Court justice/feminist hero Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the biopic “On The Basis of Sex.”

The film will follow Ginsburg as she kicks ass, takes names, and fights for gender equality over the course of her career. Ginsburg has been a staunch advocate for women throughout her legal life. As The AV Club reports, Ginsburg served as the director of the Women’s Rights Project for the ACLU, for whom she argued landmark women’s rights cases before the Supreme Court, winning five of these cases,  and notably ensuring that the Equal Protection Clause extended to women. Ginsburg has been serving as a Supreme Court Justice since 1993, where she has advocated for women’s rights, LGBT rights, and, in general, just equality for all. To sum our feelings about all that up in a GIF:

Ginsburg’s life is certainly the stuff great movies are made of and we’re so excited to see Portman crush it in this role. Also exciting: Marielle Heller is in talks to direct! Heller’s feature debut “Diary of a Teenage Girl”(a film that features another fave, Kristen Wiig) is coming out this summer. I was lucky enough to see the film at Sundance, it’s a smart and complicated film that celebrates smart and complicated women. Heller is the perfect choice to helm this biopic and bring our beloved Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s life to the big screen.

We could not be more excited for a film about our Notorious R.B.G. and are counting the days ’til it comes out!

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