Natalie Portman only had a month to prepare for “Jackie,” which makes her more impressive than she already is

We literally haven’t stopped thinking about Oscar-winning actress Natalie Portman since we saw Jackie. Her turn as the iconic Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis was that impactful. From her striking physical resemblance to the spot-on reproduction of the former First Lady’s voice, Natalie completely nailed the transformation.

But it turns out, her exacting turn as Jackie didn’t take the year of preparation that we thought it did.

Due to a long search for the right director, a role that Pablo Larraín eventually landed, Natalie only had one month to prepare for the film (gasp), according to Deadline.

"I worked with this great dialect coach, her name's Tanya Blumstein," Natalie told Deadline. "Every day, we would work for several hours just listening to the tapes and watching the White House tour. I had it on my iPhone and I would listen to it while I was running, cooking, or anytime I didn't have to be in dialogue with anyone else. It's a very specific accent."

We’ll say! Natalie cites Long Island, New York and East Coast finishing schools as influences in her speech, along with a general “extravagance” to the way that she talked — slow, deliberate, and drawn out. So it’s no wonder that Natalie was nervous about her performance.

"It wasn't anything in my comfort zone for sure," Natalie continued. "I was pretty terrified to have someone that people know so well — you have to achieve such a level of closeness to the real person for people to go with you on the emotional journey. You have to buy people's belief within the first 10 seconds."

We’re not surprised that she had reservations. It is a major undertaking, after all. But she’s such a dedicated and serious actress, there was no doubt that she would totally nailed the title role of the biographical film. She has definitely done Jackie O proud — and in such a short amount of time! Bravo, Natalie!

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