Natalie Portman debuted her spot-on impression of Millie Bobby Brown in a “Stranger Things” parody on “Saturday Night Live”

Last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live sure was a doozy. Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch returned to play unruly Colonial-era Philadelphia and New England fans. Andy Samberg and Natalie Portman reprised their legendary “Natalie Raps” digital short. Portman even dressed up in her Padmé Amidala costume from the Star Wars prequels.

But the show also gave Natalie Portman fans what they’ve been wanting for a while: Portman impersonating Millie Bobby Brown. Ever since Brown broke onto the scene playing Eleven in Stranger Things, people have noticed the physical similarities between the young actress and Portman. Especially when you compare Portman’s shaved-head look in V for Vendetta to Brown’s signature cut for Stranger Things. They also have both been famous from a young age, and Brown could end up following a similar career trajectory.

The SNL sketch, titled “Stranger Things 3,” puts Eleven and Mike in a room full of other people with special powers. But just as Eleven’s powers cause nosebleeds, these people’s powers have certain, uh, unsavory consequences too. Fourteen can start fires with his mind but immediately throws up a little in his mouth. Meanwhile, Nine can read minds, but each time she does, she lets out a fart.

Watch Natalie Portman debut her spot-on impression of Millie Bobby Brown on SNL.

The sketch makes us eager for the real Stranger Things Season 3.

When you actually look at Portman in the sketch, she really does look eerily like an older Eleven. (And also sort of like Winona Ryder, but that’s beside the point.) Hey, if we were Millie Bobby Brown, we definitely wouldn’t mind being compared to such a talented and beautiful actress. false

The Stranger Things producers should definitely keep Natalie Portman in mind if they ever need to do an episode that flashes forward to the future. On the same token, where is the hard-hitting mother/daughter drama starring Portman and Brown?

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