We finally got a peek at that Natalie Portman movie we’ve been waiting for FOREVER

If you’re Hollywood nerds like us, you regularly drop by IMDb to see what projects your favorite stars are working on. Of course, this is Hollywood, so it’s not uncommon for a movie to take a LITTLE bit longer than expected to hit theaters.

Screenwriter Brian Duffield’s screenplay Jane Got a Gun appeared on the 2011 Black List (an industry-insider ranked list of the best unproduced screenplays floating around town that year). Jane is an action-drama western film in which the title character must team up with her former fiancé to defend her family from an outlaw gang who intends to wipe them out.

There aren’t many women-driven westerns, and this one sounds particularly badass, so when Natalie Portman signed up to play Jane in 2012, we were celebrating hard. Then it took a LITTLE bit longer than expected for the film to get going. The production was a revolving door of writers, directors, and actors  (Michael Fassbender, Bradley Cooper, and Jude Law were all attached at one point, Joel Edgerton and Ewan McGregor now respectively play Portman’s ex-fiancé and the Big Bad of the movie). The film was supposed to hit theaters in 2014…then 2015… and finally, finally, finally, the film has gotten an honest-to-goodness release date: February 2016. No takebacks, Hollywood, you said this February and now you have to deliver, no more pushing deadlines,we’ve been waiting too long for this awesome-sounding film.

The Jane Got a Gun trailer was just released and it looks like the feminist western of our dreams. Check it, below. Also, note, this is the international trailer, hence the French subtitles. Enjoy!


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(Image via The Weinstein Company.)

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