Natalie Portman finally joined Instagram, and she did it for the best reason

While she managed to avoid it for an impressively long time, Natalie Portman finally joined Instagram. But before you go and follow her (which you should) you should know that as of right now, she’s not using it for photos of her family. Instead, she’s using it to promote a new anti-harassment movement that she’s supporting called Time’s Up.

Time’s Up is backed up by a lot of influential women in the industry, including Reese Witherspoon, Eva Longoria, Selena Gomez, Shonda Rhimes, Emma Stone, America Ferrara, and Kerry Washington.

The movement is made up of volunteers who, according to their mission statement, are aiming to “seek equal representation, opportunities, benefits and pay for all women workers, not to mention greater representation of women of color, immigrant women, and lesbian, bisexual and transgender women.” They are fully aware that as Hollywood actors, they have a platform that not many other women have. That’s why one of the first initiatives to bring their mission to light is to show support by wearing black to the upcoming Golden Globes.

So far, Portman has decided to share 7 posts to her account at “nportmanofficial.” In her bio, she makes it clear that it’s her “one and only social media account.”

As expected, each post incredibly depicts the mission of Time’s Up.

Back in 2016, Portman — who has done her best to keep her personal life private — spoke with Business Insider about her lack of a social media preference, saying that holding accounts just wasn’t something she was necessarily interested in.

"It feels like the last thing you want to do," she said.  "It's so much unwanted interest in your privacy that you don't want to invite anymore."

We admire the fact that she joined solely to promote such an important cause.