Natalie Portman’s climate change video is a gentle game changer, and we dig it

During the last few months, there have been countless PSAs urging people —millennials in particular — to vote in the upcoming presidential election. And Natalie Portman now joins the ranks of celebs trying to help get out the vote in a NextGen Climate #WhyWeVote campaign video.

The short vid — narrated by Portman — specifically talks about climate change and the utter importance of doing something about it ASAP.

The simple, no-nonsense short uses basic animation to illustrate how fast climate change is happening, and why standing “idle” on the sidelines would be “the biggest mistake in human history.” But it also offers hope, because humans have the tools to actually put a plan into action.


As well as reminding us that we all have to do our fair share in taking care of the earth for future generations, the video highlights something that can be easily overlooked:

This election is an opportunity for candidates to make decisions that affect the environment in a positive way. Which means a lot depends on our votes.

"This is our air, our water, our home, our future. Let's protect it. I'm Natalie Portman, and I'll see you at the polls on November 8th."

If climate change is an important issue to you, then remember: YOUR VOTE MATTERS! And better yet, you can register to vote right here (it literally takes five minutes, we promise).

Let your voice be heard this November— the future literally depends on it!

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