Natalie Imbruglia’s iconic song “Torn” was a cover, and Twitter is SHOOK

Whenever Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn” comes over the speakers at karaoke, it is a ’90s kid mandate to rock out emo-style to the classic grrr girl hit. Something so pure and angsty could only come from the whimsically goth mind of a Lilith Fair approved singer/songwriter, right? Nah.

The iconic Natalie Imbruglia song was a cover.

In 1997, this was a minor scandal since Imbruglia was considered a songwriter-type and her management didn’t go out of their way to announce that the hit single was, in fact, a cover. Imbruglia’s team kinda just let everyone assume she wrote the angsty hit. Per Yahoo:

“The single was penned by Scott Cutler and Anne Preven of the alt-rock band Ednaswap (who released two recordings of the song) with producer and ex-Cure member Phil Thornalley; Denmark’s Lis Sørensen and Norway’s Trine Rein also released their own versions of the song.”

Here’s the 1993 Ednaswap version:

And Lis Sørensen’s version:

Mash up the two and you get Imbruglia’s chart-topping version. Imagine if you found out that some Beyoncé or Taylor Swift song was a cover?!? Mind. Blown.

Last week, a random Twitter user pointed this out and Twitter is shook. false false


If you’re recovering from the fact that your fave teen angst song was actually just carefully manufactured angst and the whole world is a lie, the only way to recover is with:

We’re all out of faith.