You probably won’t be able to sleep after watching this new trailer for ‘The Forest’

Attention: everyone. Natalie Dormer has a new movie coming out, called The Forest. In it, she plays twin sisters. And it’s a horror movie. AND, from what we can gather from the first trailer, it’s going to be terrifying.

In The Forest, our main Dormer twin, Sara, feels that her sister, Jess, is in trouble. After receiving a phone call that Jess has gone into Japan’s Aokigahara Forest, Sara gets on a plane to go and figure out exactly what’s wrong. What’s so wrong about a forest, anyway? Well, according to real-life lore, the Aokigahara Forest is where people go to commit suicide, and in Japanese mythology, the forest is full of demons that will drive you mad. Doesn’t really sound like a fun and exciting vacation spot, but Sara’s got to go inside to find Jess.

Though many are wary to head inside, one guide is willing to take Sara in with a clear, simple request: DON’T STRAY FROM THE PATH. Well, you know what’s going to happen now, don’t you? Sara’s totally going to stray from the path. Then she’s totally going to meet a bunch of terrifying demons, who follow her around as she searches desperately to find her sister.

Does Sara find Jess and do the two make it out alive? Do some demons follow them home? And what’s with the terrifying Viewfinder, and were you aware Viewfinders could be terrifying? All those questions and more will be answered when The Forest opens in theaters in January 8th, 2016.

(Image via YouTube)