Fan tells Natalie Dormer she looks like Kermit’s new girlfriend. Here’s Natalie’s whip-smart response.

New York Comic Con is upon us, and with it comes the chance for celebrities and creators alike to, among other things, interact with their fans and answer questions. For Natalie Dormer, one of the stars of the hit show Game of Thrones, this is nothing new. The talented actress has been all over doings interviews and Q&As, but during the GoT panel at this year’s NY Comic Con, she was asked something she had never heard before.

How DOES one respond to such a rude question? Has this person not heard of the #AskHerMore campaign? But being the experienced and graceful actress she is, Dormer laughed it off, however there was an almost uncomfortable laughter in the air as fans and peers waited for how she would respond. Luckily, she took this moment to kindly teach the audience, and all of us, about bullying.

See, when she was a child, she was actually teased for her nose. In fact, while filming an episode of Game of Thrones, she asked for them to switch a line so her character Margaery would reference getting teased for her nose when she was younger. It was her way of exacting revenge on screen to all those who made her feel small when she was younger. As for her response to the questioner? Classy, as always:

But if we’ve learned one thing, it’s maybe never ask an actress (or, you know, human) if she knows she looks like a pig. No matter how great of a sense of humor she has about it, you might be digging up old demons. Plus —we can think of a BILLION smarter, cooler questions to ask the woman who plays the Queen of Westeros.

You can watch the full interaction in the video below. Skip to 14:30 for the cringe-worthy moment.

(Image via YouTube)

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