Natalie Dormer insists that Jon Snow is dead “for now,” and we’re not sure what this means

We finally have official word on the status of Jon Snow. You’ll remember that at the end of Season 5 of Game of Thrones, he was brutally stabbed by Bowen Marsh and members of the Night’s Watch. Fans were left wondering if he survived or not, and theories about his fate have been circling the Internet like crazy. Now, we finally know for sure: According to actress Natalie Dormer, who plays Margaery Tyrell, Jon Snow is definitely dead. And we’re feeling a lot of feelings about it.

“If you get stabbed that many times, you’re dead, you know,” Natalie told 5 News matter-of-factly. “There are some basic medical rules that even apply in Westeros. So Jon Snow is dead right now.”


Okay, she has a point. But do you see what she did there? Natalie chose her words very carefully, saying that Jon Snow is dead “right now.” She put extra emphasis on those two words, right now, which still leaves things incredibly open-ended. Is there a chance that he’ll become un-dead? Define “right now,” please. In a way, now that we have this information, we’re even more confused than we were before.

And that’s the thing: There are no rules in the Game of Thrones universe anymore. The show is going rogue, because HBO is out of book material; author George R.R. Martin hasn’t written another A Song of Fire and Ice novel for them to pull from. Anything is fair game now, and fans have no idea what to expect in Season 6. It sounds like we shouldn’t even try to.

“You can never predict Game of Thrones,” Natalie continued. “And of course we have the new situation this year which is completely unprecedented that George hasn’t published the next book so it is new for everyone.”

It looks like we’ll have to wait and see what happens. Until the show returns, just know that Jon Snow is in fact dead—“for now.”

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