Natalie Dormer is writing a movie and here’s EVERYTHING we know

Natalie Dormer is our IRL queen, which is comforting when we remember we love her most for playing badass women in stuff like The Hunger Games series and Game of Thrones — the latter of which had her playing an actual queen, because obviously.

But now she’s dabbling in screenwriting, for a new indie thriller called In Darkness, in which she will also star alongside Emily Ratajkowski. According to Deadline, “the film is a psychological revenge thriller about blind musician Sophia (Dormer) who gets pulled into London’s dark underbelly after she hears a murder committed in the apartment above her. As she becomes embroiled in this violent and murky world, it appears she is out of her depth — until we realize she has been following her own path of revenge for some time.”

We sense a UK-set Kill Bill vibe, and we are HERE. FOR. IT.


But Dormer admits this new foray into balancing writing and acting in the same project isn’t easy — namely, because she’s doing it with her fiancé.

“It’s tough!” Dormer told PEOPLE at the World Humanitarian Day event at the United Nations Headquarters on Friday, where she was a speaker (because FYI, she’s also a perfect humanitarian). “I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a writing room but I wouldn’t recommend it with your other half.”

GIRL, we get it. It’s difficult enough working through the usual challenges of a relationship without having to bring work drama into the mix. Stars, they’re just like us.


Luckily, though, Dormer seems more stoked about the project than she is nervous.

“I’m very excited about it because I’ve never done anything that I’ve written before. It was a very interesting process – we were trying to write real interesting characters, both male and female,” she said.

Fitting, considering gender equality is so important to the actress. In fact, the speech she gave at the UN touched on the awful conditions women live in worldwide, and how the support for them is so lacking.

We will see whatever you write/act in/touch in any way, Natalie, so do us a favor and don’t worry too much because whatever comes out of your beautiful, ridiculously intelligent brain will be amazing. (We totally feel you on the work/love-life balance, though, so good luck sister.)