Natalie Dormer looked awesome at the super muddy “Coachella of England”

The UK has a lot of great music festivals, but Glastonbury is pretty equal to our Coachella. Only, it’s in England, so it gets REALLY muddy and sludgy! Apparently this year was especially muddy, and joining the massive mud bath was Natalie Dormer from Game of Thrones. She embraced the situation though, and even managed to wear some pretty kick ass outfits (you know someone is talented in the style department when they’re able to go to a muddy festival and still come out looking on top).


As you can see, her clothes are appropriate for the weather, made complete with awesome rain boots. Speaking about the mud and how it compares to Game of Thrones, Dormer told The Telegraph, “I have played Margaery sitting in a hemp sack, sitting in the dirt in a cell in Season 6, so this is complete luxury in comparison to that.” And that enthusiasm is why we love Natalie Dormer.

She also managed to mix up her look, and it’s just the right amount of comfort and style. Oh, and of course we love the sunglasses.


Dormer also came very prepared to Glastonbury, with SPF50 sunscreen being the key item she carried at all times. “You’ve got to look after your face when you’re standing in the middle of the crowd, rain or shine,” Dormer said to The Telegraph. Sounds like good advice to remember if you ever attend Glastonbury!

Natalie Dormer, you are too cool.

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