Nat Wolff stands up for Cara Delevingne in the best way

Cara Delevingne is gorgeous and hard-working. She’s got a lot of famous friends (hello, Taylor Swift) and a lot of beautiful clothes and an all-around publicly perfect life. A lot of her gifts do seem to come naturally and easily — and sure, she didn’t do anything to get the genetics to be tall or to get that bone structure. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that means she has it totally easy in all areas of life. Half of her job as an actress and model is to seem natural and effortless, but in reality it’s still, well, a job, and one that requires effort and talent.

It’s probably easier on our egos to think that Cara just lucked in to all of her wealth and beauty and ability, but really, it’s a much more powerful feeling to admire Cara for her hard work and skill, and then to work hard ourselves, on whatever our dreams are. This is kind of the celeb equivalent of Ann Friedman’s Shine Theory, which says essentially that if you shine, then I shine. Women, especially, should be lifting each other up, not putting each other down or trying to mitigate each other’s triumphs. There’s no rationing of success!

Nat Wolff, Cara’s costar in the upcoming Paper Towns movie adaptation, talked about Cara’s talent and hard work in his recent cover interview with Teen Vogue. He says, “People think, ‘She’s so hot and so rich — how can she be talented?’ She’s not an airhead model. She is so talented.” Just to underscore his point, he gives the example of how she nailed the audition: “…I hate auditioning. I know how awful it is for actors. Cara came in, and I was the only person in the entire world who hadn’t heard of her. And then she blew me away. She’s the only one who made me feel nervous, because she’s such a spontaneous actress.”

Nat clearly has deep respect and affection for Cara. And to top it off with some A-plus Shine Theory, Nat continues about the cast, “We all became so close that we became each other’s worlds. Everybody says on every movie that they ‘became a family,’ and it’s bullsh*t 95 percent of the time. But we became a family.” How sweet!

We can’t wait to see Nat and Cara kill it this summer in Paper Towns. Read more about Paper Towns here and here, and check out the rest of Nat’s interview with Teen Vogue in the month’s issue.

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