Our Favorite “SNL” Moments With Nasim Pedrad

Some sad news for the Saturday Night Live fans out there: The mega-talented funny lady Nasim Pedrad likely won’t return next season. Starting out on SNL back in 2009, she’s always proven to be a solid performer with a great stage presence, which is probably why we’re losing her. She’s going to join the cast of the show Mulaney, which just might be your new favorite new series this fall. (Note: If you liked Stefon, you’ll love Mulaney, as the show’s star, SNL alum, John Mulaney, wrote Bill Hader’s material for the bit.)

The women of SNL have become the funny bone of the long-running sketch comedy show, and Nasim has played a major role in making that happen. So to celebrate her time on SNL, here are a few of her finest moments.

The Kickspit Underground Festival

This ad for quite possibly the worst music festival in the world never fails to make me laugh, which is why I’m happy it was a recurring bit. It was meant to parody the long-winded “Gathering of the Juggalos” ads, which famously tried to impress their crowd with “dudes on stilts” and “ninjas juggling fire.” Nasim fit right in as Lil’ Blaster, and helped make this sketch legendary.


Bedelia loves her Mom (and who wouldn’t love Tina Fey as a Mom?) One thing Nasim is great at, is being able to accurately portray children. With Bedelia, she totally nailed the role of a girl who just can’t seem to mix with others her age.

Arianna Huffington

It’s tough to try and fill the shoes of Huffington Post editor Arianna Huffington, but Nasim did a great job.


Shallon might have been my favorite of Nasim’s recurring characters. Not only was the character oddly likable, but she seemed to remind everyone of that one annoying kid in class who was quick to shoot his or her mouth off.

Kim Kardashian/”Waking Up With Kimye”


Even if you hate Kim Kardashian, you have to love Nasim’s impression of the famous socialite – especially in the recent recurring sketch “Waking Up With Kimye”. Kanye helps turn Kim into an intergalactic icon, and then somehow tries to showcase her under-appreciated talents. Macaroni necklaces, anyone?

Celebrity Family Feud as Bruno Mars

There’s never a time when a Family Feud sketch doesn’t bring on the laughs. After all, SNL sketches always work best when all of the talent is on display. This recent sketch from the Andrew Garfield episode proved that Nasim could be extremely versatile — and even though she didn’t get too much air-time playing Bruno Mars — she really nailed her character.

Doin’ It On My Twin Bed


Remember when I mentioned how strong the women of SNL have become? This might have been one of the most memorable digital shorts of the entire season. Nasim and her VHS tapes of The X-Files? Amazing.

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