Avery from ‘Nashville’ is opening a new restaurant IRL

Nashville and General Hospital fans will be glad to know that Avery Barkley and (the former and best) Jason Quartermain have a new restaurant, and it sounds like everything I’ve ever wanted from a new restaurant: barbeque, hunky TV stars, craft beer, and live music.

In real life, Avery is actor Jonathan Jackson and the used-to-be Jason is Steve Burton, and they have decided to turn their longtime friendship into the best thing to happen to the Franklin, Tennessee BBQ scene in, maybe, ever.

The vibe at Jack and Jameson’s, is rustic and homey, and the restaurant’s official Twitter page says that, “when you enter, we want you to feel like family!”

According to The Tennessean, both Jonathan and Steve “feel it’s important to support local breweries,” so they plan to include 15 to 20 local and craft beers on tap, and live music to help the beer go down smoothly. You had me at “local breweries,” but what’s more good news is that the restaurant will serve top notch barbecue, hamburgers and all sorts of melts. Looks like I may have to plan a road trip to Franklin, Tennessee.

The restaurant is currently under quite the remodel, but stay tuned, say the owners, because it’s coming soon.

(Image via Twitter.)