Photos of the “Nashville’s” newest season’s script were released and we are so excited

After finally getting the date (it’s January 5th, in case you missed it), we’ll fiiiiinally be able to watch Nashville again on its new home at CMT. And now, we have even more news to get excited about.

The official Nashville twitter accounts shared a picture of the new scripts and we’re LOSING it.


It’s really actually real! We knew it was coming back, of course, but with the move to a new network and some actors not returning, it’s nice to have solid visual proof that Nashville is back. (It’s fine, we’re not crying. WE’RE NOT.)

EW shared the news, along with more tweets from the official Nashville twitter, and we couldn’t be happier if we TRIED.

Not only did we get a picture of the script, but also of our favorite people at the table read. #blessed

And, the cherry on top, the Nashville twitter teased further romance and complications for fan faves Scarlett and Gunnar. Just between us, we’re going to ship the writers to, like, the middle of nowhere if they don’t pull through on our ship. WE BELIEVE IN YOU, WRITERS.

Whatever happens this season of Nashville, we’re thrilled it’s going to happen at all after the show’s brush with death earlier this year. 2017 is going to be AMAZING, ya’ll.

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