NASA’s probe is now orbiting Jupiter and so are three Lego figures

In August 2011, NASA launched a probe (“Juno”) into space as part of one of its most ambitious projects to date. Today, they’re celebrating a major success as that probe has achieved its goal and began a 53-day orbit around Jupiter.

And while that news is pretty amazing it itself (though NASA has a solid history of being pretty amazing), there’s a little bit of information that makes it even more spectacular. Onboard that probe are three little Lego figurines that were made especially for this interplanetary adventure. Which means there are Legos currently orbiting Jupiter.

And there is at least one Lego that would be absolutely freaking out about that.


But these aren’t just any random Lego characters (though, to be fair, Benny seems like he’d fit in perfectly with this space trip and would obviously make a great astronaut). These are three extra special Lego characters who all represent something very specific on this Jupiter adventure.


First, there’s Galileo holding his trusty telescope, since he was the first one to make major recorded observations of Jupiter (no doubt the little Galileo figurine is having a great time with his up close view). He’s joined by two Roman Gods, Jupiter (holding a lighting bolt which he controls) and his wife Juno (holding a magnifying glass to help her see through her devious husband’s antics).

These three were created as part of a bigger educational and outreach program and we can only imagine based on their personalities and accessories that they are likely up to some serious space-oriented shenanigans (at least, we like to use our imaginations to pretend that they are which is exactly what NASA and Lego are hoping you’ll do).

Basically, everything about both this probe and its passengers is totally awesome.