These insane #NASApumpkins just turned Halloween into rocket science

Science makes everything cooler — and this can certainly be said for a group of scientists who took our pumpkin carving tradition to the next level this season. The talented and witty folks over at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory organization celebrated the org’s 80th birthday with a jack-o-lantern showcase that will blow your socks off.

Just search the hashtag #NASApumpkins, and prepare to be amazed. We did just thought and came across quite a few creations that put our amateur carving skills to shame. Lights, mechanics and robots helped to create pumpkin carousels, pumpkin telescopes and even a very cool motorized ode to our presidential candidates! Because…what else should we expect from grade A rocket scientists?


Deemed the “Most Useless #NASApumpkin,” this jack-o-lantern completely caught us off guard with its robotic mystery arm — Maybe created to unsuspectedly snatch trick-or-treater’s candy bags? We’re not sure, but no matter what, it’s pretty awesome!


And this Space Telescope remake, crazy as it is, hit the nail on the [pumpkin] head.


How cool is this PAC-MAN inspired #NASApumpkin?! It’s definitely bringing all of our childhood fantasies to life.


“Yes,” to this #NASApumpkins ode to Darth Vader. Just…”yes.”


And this NASAJuno carving is probably the most fitting one of the #NASApumpkins we’ve come across.


Because…what’s a celebration without a carousel?


And lastly, our presidential candidates surrounded by a squad of unenthused jack-o-lanterns, awaiting their demise by a Giant Meteor? Probably the most awesome politically themed Halloween move we’ve seen all season.

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