NASA recorded unearthly space sounds that will welcome you to “The Twilight Zone”

It’s Halloween, and even NASA is getting in the spooky spirit by releasing spooky space sounds recorded in outer space. Specifically, the space organization published a collection of 22 sounds recorded in space. And according to their press release on the sounds, the collection “is sure to make your skin crawl.”

Scientists were able to convert things our weak, mortal ears would never normally hear (like radio waves, plasma waves, and magnetic fields) and convert them into audio tracks.

This is a process called Data Sonification, aka the conversion of data into audible sound.

The tracks vary in length and pitch, but NASA is right to call them spooky: The odd hiss, whine, and screech-like noises bear an unsettling resemblance to creepy space sound effects you might hear on The Twilight Zone or some alien horror movie.

The track “Plasmaspheric Hiss” could very well be interpreted as the shaky breaths of a space monster.

Oh, you thought THAT was scary? Just wait. These radio emissions from Saturn sound as though they would be played in a haunted house. *Shudder*

This track, which is ominously titled “Beware of Jupiter’s largest moon Ganymede,” sounds like tiny screams attempting to break through radio static fuzz.

Can’t get enough of spooky space noise? Listen to the complete collection of tracks here:

And hey, this could totally be added to your Halloween party playlist.

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