FYI: NASA is looking for a new class of astronauts to explore deep space

Does your life feel a little boring? Stagnant? Like every day is just same-old, same-old? Then boy, do I have an opportunity for you. Starting December 14th, NASA is taking applications for a new class of astronauts. Eligible applicants could participate in missions at places like the Space Station, the SpaceX Dragon, or Orion, a part of NASA’s Next Giant Leap program which focuses on getting humans into deep, deep space for the first time ever.

Before we all run and fill out our applications, there are a few requirements listed on the job posting on NASA’s website:

Eek, that might take me out of the running. That, combined with some of the physical requirements, leaves me soundly on the ground for the foreseeable future.

Charles Bolden, a NASA administrator, spoke about the amazing opportunity:

If you want to get even more amped, then just check out this recruitment video! I mean, kind of ready to apply to be an astronaut now.

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