NASA just changed all of our astrological signs and we are freaking out

For many people, our astrological signs function as the cornerstone of how we relate to friendships, romantic partners and the world at large, which is why we’re freaking out because NASA has just changed the astrological signs, as Cosmopolitan UK reports.

Originally, the star signs were assigned over 2,000 years ago by a band of Greek astrologers who I can only assume said things like, “Ugh, Achaikos is obviously a Gemini, he’s always flirting and changing his mind!”

Now, due to thousands of years of the gravitational effects from the Sun and Moon, the placement of the stars has changed and so have many of our signs!

Not only has the movement of the stars changed many of our astrological signs, but a 13th sign called Ophiuchus was added!

Are you panicking yet?! Do you feel as if a large portion of your social identity is currently threatened by the dancing stars? Check out the updated signs below and see where you fall, and whether or not you are the mysterious newly-christened Ophiuchus!

Is your breathing okay? Do you feel compelled to text your best friends and let them know that they can no longer claim their flaws as just an Aries thing?

Regardless of whether you’re a casual observer of astrology or a die-hard queen of the stars, it’s good to remember that our signs are fun navigation tools and not the written-in-stone prediction of our identities!

If your sign changed and you feel shaken up, have no fear — you’re still you! Then again, that’s such a Taurus thing to say…

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