NASA has found sand dunes on Mars that look like Morse code because we are not alone!

ICYMI: NASA has been doing some pretty baller space-oriented things recently. From sending its first probe (plus three custom Lego figurines) into orbit around Jupiter to discovering that stars can blow bubbles, these space explorers have been totally on-point with their absolutely fascinating findings.

And now they’ve basically discovered that there might be hidden Morse code messages in the recently uncovered sand dunes of Mars.

Though, to be fair, they’ve got a perfectly logical explanation (though way less colorful) that doesn’t involve secret hidden alien messages.


This picture was taken back in February by their Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and is especially awesome since it doesn’t look like “normal” Martian dunes. While they admit that it looks like the dots and dashes that make up Morse code, NASA doesn’t think this is a coded message. Instead, they believe that there was a crater impact which indicates that there was a large crater here which greatly affected both the amount of sand in the area and the way the winds are blown in order to create this unique look.

To be fair, the explanation is still only a theory at this point since nothing like this has been ever seen before. More images of the area will likely be taken so they can get to the bottom of this mystery.

While the science-based theory is fine, we (of course) have our own theories that are a bit more fun and involve (obviously) Marvin the Martian and a space-oriented adventure to unlock the mysteries of the universe. But I guess for now we’ll take the rocket scientists word for it.