NASA just put planet Earth up for adoption, in case you’d like to own a planet

While buying your loved one a star and naming it after them is cool, this new development is even cooler. Because NASA just put planet Earth up for adoption, in case you’d like to own a planet.

Luckily, this isn’t some diabolical plan by an evil scientist. Although it might sound like one at first! Ultimately, this is just NASA’s way of trying to get humans to care about our very own planet a little more. Because as it stands right now, humanity has really turned its back on Mother Earth. That’s why 64,000 individual pieces of this planet will be going up for adoption in honor of Earth Day on April 22nd. false

So how does this actually work…?

Each 55 mile wide piece of Earth is assigned at random to anyone who wants to sign up. In addition to seeing photos of your new land-friend, you will also receive information about the area.

But don’t get too excited. Just because you adopted a piece of the Earth does not mean you now own it. Instead, this program works just like adopt-a-highway. If you’ve ever wondered, it’s pretty simple. You are supporting that piece of land, but you do not receive legal or property rights to it. Sorry to anyone who thought they would be buying their next vacation home.

“NASA continually looks outward to find and learn about planets in our solar system and beyond, but no planet is better studied than the one we actually live on, NASA said in a statement. “Our fleet of 18 Earth science missions in space, supported by aircraft, ships and ground observations, measure aspects of the environment that touch the lives of every person around the world.

So next time your eyes are set on exploring the universe, you might want to start by taking a look at our very own planet. You’d be surprised to learn some pretty interesting things.  With Earth up for adoption, you might just get the chance.