We’re going to have glistening skin thanks to Nars’ upcoming summer collection

As much as we loved having a healthy summer glow, we all know that going about it the natural way (in other words, tanning) is no good for your skin — which is why we turn to lovely makeup products. Luckily, Nars’ upcoming summer collection, which includes the Nars Floral Redux Collection as well as a new Highlighting and Bronzing Collection, will give us that perfect sun-kissed glow we all covet.

This excitingly large assortment of products is all dedicated to getting your skin beautiful for the summer, whether you’re into natural, shimmery skin or like to glow up with the help of fun, springy colors.

The limited-edition Nars Summer Collection will be available in July.

The Floral Redux line includes Angel Pride Cheek Palette, Mini Multiple Sets, and two Lip Kit sets with four lip pencils. The Mini Multiple Sticks come in Hot Sand, Orgasm, Remember Me, and Fox Dancer. The Angel Pride Cheek Palette includes five blushes and one bronzer.

Those Mini Multiple Sticks look absolutely perfect. They’re just the thing to toss in our bags and apply whenever we need just a bit more sparkle.

The second part of the Nars Summer Collection includes the Highlighting and Bronzing Palette.

The palette comes with four highlighting and two bronzing shades that are guaranteed to make you look like you just spent the day sunbathing on a tropical beach. The shade names are positively chic and include Rivage, Crique, Corniche, Galet, and Casino.

As expected from Nars, everything from the formulas to the shades to the packaging is on point. These summer babies are just the thing to make our skin look absolutely divine all summer long. We don’t want to miss out on these lovely new shades, and you won’t either. Keep a watch on their social media for any news on the impending collection.

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